1. Do you have a card terminal or e-Commerce? 

If you already accept card payments in your e-shop or use a Viva Wallet card terminal, then you are only 1 step away from a 0% percent acquiring fee.

2. Pay with your Viva Company Debit Card!

Get for free your Viva Company Debit Card and use it for your daily transactions

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To get your Viva Company Debit card for free!

3. Set your acquiring fee to zero!

We give you money back every week! When you pay with your Viva Company Debit Card, the acquiring fee corresponding to the same amount will be set to 0%. 

Things you should know

  • The offer is available until 31 December 2018 for European merchants who accept Viva/Mastercard/ Maestro consumer cards.
  • The offer includes card present and card not present transactions in physical and online stores.
  •  Merchants can take advantage of the offer when they make use of their available balance in their Viva Wallet account through their Viva Company Debit Card.

Terms and conditions here